Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mid Length Hair. . . MISSING!

A Problem SPLIT in 2 . . .
Can't stand the upkeep of long hair?

Not brave enough to go for a short crop yet ?How about a mid -length style ?

Much to my dismay I had an incoming client check out the website for a mid length style before she came. Looking (just like you) for something inspiring and yummy for her own noggin'.

She informed me there was hardly a pic of mid length hair, here or on sister . When I checked, I was stumped. I had missed an entire length of hair...a very popular length as well.

So we are going to have "MID LENGTH Month" or at least a couple weeks .

Come on you guys you are supposed to be reaming me for these blunders....that and spreading the word about these 2 blogs so I can afford to keep doing them. I don't do the typical "link" crap and advertising up the Yin-yang....but that only works if you guys go out of your way to spread the word. Are you on Facebook or the My space thing a ma gig ? You guys are much more techie than thing is hair....remember? I don't know how those sites work and don't want to waste my time, but if just a few people found out....wouldn't it it just go crazy? I continue to work on projects but I get reports on the activity both sites have and I am not impressed for the amount of free shit I put out there. I though people would spread the word faster, that's how getting free info works.....YOU have to do something too!

Just tell a few friends! and ask them to tell a few friends....use the Link crap in your emails!

The more YOU help spreading the word, the more good Crap I can load on here, the more photos, the more everything...I really want to combine the 2 girls......Killerstrands and KillerPics......THAT would be great - you would LOVE it.

Mid Length is the perfect choice for those who want flexible styling with a manageable length

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