Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fricken Formal Hair for Freaks

Braids. .Bands. .Bold Colour and Extensions

Here's How:

To do the braided look down and to the right....
head to your local Sally's Beauty Supply....they have REAL HUMAN HAIR extensions for $60.-$70 !! Buy a pack of your own hair color & a pack lighter --OR?.... then braid them .....make 1-2 thicker, 1 medium and a few thin ones....different sizes and wrap them around like the photo...(treat the hair nicely if you do you can use these for another time)......then just like the pic> put your hair in a ponytail(do the ponytail FIRST!) up high on your head and Tease or back comb it....doing little sections at a time...spreading the hair all over the place...

pulling some tendrils down at the sides & teasing them as well.....

a rockin look for HOMEcoming or any event you need to be lookin' smashing for

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