Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flamin Red Hair ~ Rippin Down Fall Runways : Are You Ready?

Vibrant shades of Cinnamon, paprika, chili and coral make for a spicy mix . . . Open up new opportunities for you all

Keep Colour looking rich, with the many color saving products. Puzzled by what to use? Join the Killer Group/Forum, discussing all things HAIR
Love to have you. . . .
I'm sorry for the MIA by me, I deal with an illness where I unexpectedly end up in the hospital every now and then. This was an 8 Day-er, longest ever, must mean I'm getting better, huh? Please forgive me, but think of it as a good thing. If that hadn't happened, I would still be in the Salon, doin' Shoots & runnin around the world with THRIVEN and you would have never gotten this site to learn from (or at least not for another 25 years!!).
Remember <> I will always come back (nothin' better than thinking positive & working from the heart)
- forgive me for orders that were late & certain questions not answered
Killer Chemist

I want some of you to consider RED
So few do
and its tragic
It can sometimes be the perfect answer
I'm talking to YOU

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