Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shine Of The Times

Never before have you seen such an eclectic mix of hairstyles.

It seems anything goes and I for one ... like it that way. . . how about you?

To achieve the looks keep your cool...ditch the hairdryers, towel-dry the hair ( unless you are a member of the Frizz-Free Fridays set) and nobody forget the weekly SLEEP-OVER deep conditioning treatments. If you haven't found one, can't afford one, or are all out.....use the vege oil method (olive oil or Sesame oil is even better) or use the rest of your daily conditioner for the Slumber method....that is even better than nothing.

Study a new style ...set out to change yours - - - - to it....
A change in hair-style or hair - colour can be totally life changing.

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