Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ON THE FRINGE - Fringe : P

Bask In Brilliance with a FAB FRINGE

With Fringes making a comeback once again this year,
why not give one a shot
did you know....the 60's are when girls 1st began to wear the fringe (bangs) so the style or term is not very old
I came upon a Hair Growth Application from the 1600's the other day and it claimed they used honey, Hempseed oil and chicken fat! I would go along with the oil and the fat: those 2 theories even make sense in today's technology!

Blond . . . James Double 'O' 'O' SEVEN

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Colour Clairvoyant - Colours So Rich You Can Taste 'em

Silver Hair: BLOND hair with SILVER TONER
Bleach hair{with Redken's Levitation}to"pale yellow stage" then Wella or CLAIROL have SILVER Semi Permanent Color; actually made for elderly - it ROCKS a superb Silver.
Doesn't last long, if you're dedicated you can reapply every other day - easily.
To have lightest baby blond hair and still healthy (the most important factor)
keep hair above shoulder length.
Gwen Stefani is an excellent example...her hair is never longer than her shoulders, and it always is in AMAZING condition.
She is a Brunette.

yummy..rich tasteful
bust out
get brave...
try something new
on sister KILLERSTRANDS Blog there
will be a lesson coming up titled
"Before I die...I want Pink Hair"

Amy Winehouse and Pals INVASION

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