Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter-Proof Your Hair

Beat The Bad Weather with a few Seasonal Tips for Your Tresses

#1 trim off split ends left over from summer hair.

#2 Protein packed foods - remember hair is protein so it loves protein fed to it. If all else fails load up on Protein bars there are tons of excellent ones on the market now, be sure to look for the protein grams: 14 and up is your goal

#3 Give the electricals a break: use serums for gloss and protection.. remember to check out for some of the finest products in one place I have ever seen - especially their serums

#4 Once a week: deep condition....use the richest conditioner you can find and afford! I make one called THRIVEN, which you can order from me but I would also encourage you look through the array over at . Mine is made by hand and is a painstaking process, I also feel I have never seen another conditioner do what mine does. Just do it! Did I steal that line from someone?

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