Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crops, Pixies: the Summer Trendin Hair You Can't Escape - Part 2

A great cut is the basis of a short style and then the technique of the product application. Ask the men in your life what product they like, there is no difference in men & womens products except men's are in a GREY bottle !
I feel they are interchangeable, hair is hair.
Factors like "thickness" "texture" and "porosity" are what both sexes need to be made aware of not if you are a man or woman. The hair manufacturers think we are too stupid to that figure out. I want my readers to prove to the hair manufacturers that you are smart consumers, and you want smarter products...Smart shampoo's - SLS/Sulfate - Free - for ALL men & women - I will always feel that SLS shampoos are the cause of all the new & extraordinary hair loss in the youth of America.
IT IS THE ONLY COMMON DENOMINATOR AND when people stop using them, everyone says their hair changes for the better. EVERYONE. BOTH SEXES!!! So please if you have not changed I encourage you to change. I want that ingredient to be banned from shampoos & anything that has to do with the body.(Its even in toothpaste!)
Cut Your Hair!
Its just hair...most of you need to work on that type of attitude.
How Cute are these?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crops, Pixies: the Summer Trend You Can't Escape - Part 1

Micro Management - Hair shrinks to head hugging size

Short short hair is the look for summer. so many of you hesitate to take that step. If you've never done it - consider it. It looks great on most everyone, if the cut is dynamic.

Spend the largest percentage of your funds set aside for hair: on the "cut".

  • Straight hair that has a slight wave is best for short cuts
  • Great color is imperative if you want your crop to look feminine and stylish.
  • With most color on crops being: one, doing it at home with the colors Killer Strands provides - is the perfect match.
  • Send email to to order hair color.

this technique is called "flash of color" simple -- especially to do at home

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lots of Volume in Hair Styles Blast the Catwalks

Rate of Inflation > Soft texture/high volume

teasing, ratting, all the techniques of the 70's are back to haunt me

Killer Pics is being revived, this site is necessary for Killer Stranders to have albums of hair photos to chose their future hairstyles & colors from

please enjoy.hop over to the sister site for additional fun and hair education

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