Sunday, July 22, 2007

Phat Hair - A Blessing And A Curse - Thick Strands Can Be Enjoyed

With a Little Help From An Unlikely Source

I realize how hard it may be for you to think, "how could there be anything difficult about thick hair".

It is a valid problem, extremely valid. I've had to deal with it sporadically throughout the years and it can be extremely frustrating.

The one trick I found for a number of my clients that were mostly European/Middle Eastern ?? Which made them very - VERY happy? A Relaxer, a chemical Relaxer which is known as a "Straightener" to the public it seems, but to a hair stylist in Los Angeles it is called a Relaxer. Saying the wrong terms can be dangerous, so I want to clarify. Now that might seem an odd treatment especially when you know the clients had straight hair. But what a Relaxer does besides "relax curl" is.. ? it gets rid of density and bulk - perfect for thick hair. It does not get rid of it all,depending on the hair it can get rid of 40%-50% sometimes 60%.

Well worth the $$ and the effort. But remember, if you have any blonding or bleach in your hair it is absolutely NOT advisable.

There is only 1 brand of Relaxer I know
to be top-of-the-line and will be more
than happy to help you find a Salon in your area that carries it or they have a Salon Locator that covers the whole nation : http:// .

This product is nothing you, can or want, to purchase over the counter... a Relaxer is the most dangerous and critical of all hair treatments and must be applied by a qualified Cosmetologist - trained by the company. When looking for a qualified Stylist ask how many Relaxers they have done in their career. If it is under 25, I would keep looking.

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