Friday, August 17, 2007


POV = Point of View

EMO = Emotionally charged within the worlds of music, poetry,personality,clothing, hair . EMOTIVE HARDCORE PUNK.

The one common thread through every story and website I researched was........the hair. Which I have to love. Hair is finally getting the credit it should. I have always felt that hair plays a much more important role in life than its ever given credit for.

After pages and pages of links for EMO and everything connected to finally hit me to go back to a source I use every single day. The URBAN DICTIONARY. BINGO....but again with that many definitions

EMO holds the record over there for the most definitions ever for a single word, with the majority of them jokes. After reading a variety of them I have come up with another version

the word EMO.....stems from EMOTIVE HARDCORE PUNK

Jiminy Crickets people are getting so bent out shape,its just a word and its pointless. Just allow them to be whatever they want to be, just because you know 'where' exactly the initial term came from doesn't mean a damn thing. That is how slang, Fads, trends movements begin. Then they evolve. Evolution is a good thing.

Edgy-Effective-Electrifying . . . EMO.luscious

Emo: stems from Emotionally charged Punk Rock... Music

I was going to attempt a short description of the trend. The more I read the more I decided I didn't understand it. I have a hard enough time writing about subjects I am an expert in. Therefore, I would be thrilled if any Killer Pics reader would like to submit a short description, that may help others understand the plight.

I can explain the typical EMO hairstyle . . which I have cut & seen, the only thing I have not found is ONE Photo that completely & thoroughly displays it.
Lets hope I find it today.

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