Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Headlights for Highlights <> SUNKISSED Ribbons

Face-Framing -

Sunkissed Highlights are called (Hana-Ribbons)or"Ribbons"

(Hana) Ribbons is the name for 12 - 15 foils just around the face - in those foils are 2-3 colors - usually blonds. This photo is an exact model of Hana RIBBONS...see the difference between her color and a headful of blonde highlights.
(Hana) Ribbons take hair from one color to SUNKISSED in 2 hours. Stylists are not fond of a technique like this (guess why?)...
retouches only need to be done maybe 6 times a year!
Listen, its your hair....REQUEST it, take a copy of this pic in with you, ask for an exact duplicate (nicely).

Men consider this the sexiest color technique a woman can sport.

I receive many requests for "how-to" get hair sunkissed, without going the whole banana and having overkill highlights...

One of my least favorite hair color mistakes (I see everywhere in Southern California) is what I call : BLONDOREXIA
or OVERKILL Highlights
Highlights on top of highlights on top of highlights..............YUK!

See the 3 ribbons
right up at the front...this is done with a few foils...and some bleach...
and it is NOT harmful provided it is done safely.

it is one of the easiest - "simplest" techniques accomplished in the world of Hair Colour, my wonderful Instructor Lucie Doughty (of Paul Mitchell fame)refers to the technique as "Ribbons" or ribbons of color, I've always kept that to my private practice but its time to share now.

This is one of my personal favorite techniques and am going to give a shot to teaching a "HOW-TO" online on our sister Blog:
www.killerstrands.blogspot.com -- to those of you with style and no one in your town to apply it for you - its actually pretty simple...
After much thought and contemplation I have finally made the commitment

Hop over to www.killerstrands.blogspot.com with the series starting on, "Coloring Your Hair at Home - Professionally" OR >>> Bomb all Boxed Hair Color Kits, buy the products separately and yelling:"" run for your Life !""

See here is an example of the Ribbons...right up at the front...this way you can apply a few ribbons to brown hair your yourself and get that SUNKISSED Look I get so many requests for.

. . there is controversy after I asked a couple of older Stylists as to who-what-where and when . . . as soon as I get the stories confirmed / denied / etc.. I will Update

~ NO Lemon Juice.... ~ NO Sun In.....
figure 12-83 of those methods are destructive,don't work and ruin your hair
and the
~ "SUN" itself doesn't work unless you have very light brown hair, are a lifeguard 10-12 hours > 6 days per week.

if you want just a few "lights" around the front of your face . . . .as if the sun did it...
this is your chance....figure 12-85
This will look wonderful on anyone with LEVEL ( you are going to have to learn LEVELS: : : : its easy Level 1 is Black and Level 12 is White Blond...Level 6 in the middle is called : Light Brown, and so on )

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