Thursday, August 9, 2007


Cut it Short <> Cut it Now and Cut It Full of Shape and Power

never leave short hair uncolored
it is against the law

get the balls, to do it
Seriously there is nothing more liberating
I have discovered over many years
men 'bitch' about short hair
I have a different theory than most
I say do short hair when you are young
age 12 - 30 everyone needs to do it at least once
the last thing you want to do is: turn into
that mom who chops it off
or be that person who has had the exact same hair style
since you were 8 ( when you turn 30-super common )
Please there is nothing more boring
that's when men get mad - frankly I don't blame them

I'm in mid 40's and have longer hair than ever
{thicker too} I highly suggest it
I live-breathe & follow 10,000HEADS to a 'T'

so do about 1000 men/women in malibu,
they all have 2 things ... hair on their head and a smile on their face

give it a shot

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